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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

German student?xD

We're getting a German student? Ok, Well I guess I'll start from the beginning...
All our students are leaving... One went to Toronto which is why I have my own room right now...xD and the other is leaving for the Korean army pretty soon sooooooo my mom has been working really hard to get another student... And she got this 16-year old German kid?
I hope he speaks english...Plus He's gonna go to burnaby Mountain!!! Idk... I was just bored and that was the only decent piece of news I had for ya! =3 Oh that and also I had Curry for dinner =3 With french bread.....^.^LOL


kitty<3 said...

german... wow :)
cool :D
maybe you'll be friends...
and you can learn a new language! XD

Colorfulness said...

Nik was explaining to me awhile ago how she wants to learn German, although Im pretty sure she might have been kidding, you can never know for sure with Nik...But anyways, she was telling me this in phys.ed. one day and for the rest of the block, she kept saying to me: " SCHNITZEL " In a funny german-ish accent,
It was hilarious.
Btw, Lanny, you still get to keep your own room to yourself right??
You dont need to share with Joel again anymore??

Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

LOL I can keep it cause the german student is only one person and since both of our students are going... joel and my mom can still sleep in that room xD