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Friday, March 20, 2009

Weather Report.

Today we had a 'Split-Second Storm' it lasted all of 5 minutes, there was thunder, Lightning, heavy rain and extreme winds.
[This is a real report on the weather, cus its creeping me out]
[When I say 'real report' I dont mean that an acctualy weather person said that, Cus I did]
[Im bored......]


CraziiAlien said...

Yeah, I realize that...LOL I just went outside to chuck the garbage and BOOM BOOM BANG KABANG!!! DOWNPOUR DOWNPOUR I"M SOAKED!!!

K. Waffle said...

...lalalala...Mr. Tibbar is scary!!!

K. Waffle said...

Sorry, really random...

kitty<3 said...

ya think?

K. Waffle said..., but you dont know who Mr. T is

Color.Is.Best said...

Maybe Mr.Tibbar will introduce himself to Amy sometime..

Color.Is.Best said...

I take back that last comment.
Mr.Tibbar Died.
You wont be able to talk to Mr.T anytime soon..