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Friday, March 27, 2009


I just had one of the most scaryest moments of my life [so far]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And yes, I am aware that it is 2:00 in the morning,
Anyways...I like jumped out of my skin!!! [not literally of course] But it was soooooo scarey that I cant even tell you guys right now, sorry. Acctually for some of you that might be a good think cus my storys suck. But anyways..I had to post it. Im scared to heck right now. And Im listening to my Ipod to calm myself down a bit..[I know , I know, I sound completely mental right now but you would be the same way if you just had one of the most scarey moments of your life time!!!]
And in case you people are wondering why Im up so late, its cus Im on my last day to do my socials fair porject and Im just finishing up soon, until scary moment happened and I had to stop for a bit..
And anyways, Im like horrified. 
and ImProbabily going to be really jumpy tomorrow [just as I am now...] Ummm......Yeah....anyways.......Bye!!


K. Waffle said...

Um, okay...are you alright now?

Color.Is.Best said...

Yes..I am fine.
I just got really scared.
And yeah.
And it was like 2am as I pointed out, so I was like really sleep deprived, which didnt help and Yeah..
I think Im pretty much over it now,
I cant be sure yet.
But I think so.
Thanks. :D

kitty<3 said...

wat was so scary?

Color.Is.Best said...

Okay, Its going to sound completely mental but I will explain it...So for those of you who dont know, my socials project was on the panting of Mona Lisa.Which was what I was working on. And so it was 2am as I said, and I was really like sleep deprived from lack of sleep and so on.

Some people report weird stuff about the Mona Lisa [such as her weird smile turning from a smile, to not a smile anymore, or her eyes that follow you around the room watching you,ect...] And that was really what my project was about. So I was glueing the pic's to my poster [I had a pic of the Mona Lisa for my poster board], and I watched the painting suspiciosly, thinking that these people who report these weird things are just weird and have overactive imaginations. So as I watched it, I saw that yes, she was staring back at me, but that didnt creepy me out cus I had been studing the damned painting for days so then I like : Yeah, whatever. And then [scary-ness!!!]
Suddenly, the Mona Lisa's eyes DARTED toward the other direction!!!! AND BACK!!!!
The opposite direction from where I was. And I imediately got creeped out [had a heart attack, really.] and flipped over the piece of paper so it faced down, and then I tryed to get a hold of myself. And went to blog. [I was shaking with fear, it was REALLY late and I was alone, and I already explained..]

But really, that shouldnt have creeped me out at all, I studied all the theories and explainations of the Mona Lisa, and I knew it was all just made-up by weird people, but it scared me still.

I used to think the Mona Lisa painting was wonderful, and truely genius...But now, I can add it to the list of stuff Im scared of...

Color.Is.Best said...

Whoops...Sorry, I didnt realize that last comment was so Long..... I meant to keep it short, But I guess I didnt do a good job. Sorry about that..