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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I didnt even notice before!!

I just thought about this : I have been spelling "color" wrong!!!!!!!!!!
That is the American way to spell it.
Canadian is Colour!!!!
With a "u" !!!!
But I guess it dont matter too much anyways,
But it still bothers me that I didnt notice until NOW!!!!!
That is all I have to say...
Talk to ya later!!
- Color
:D :D


Color.Is.Best said...

the weirdest thing is that I thought about that in the computer lab at school during socials while researching Leonardo Da Vinci!!!
Like, How RANDOM is that?!?!
:D :D

K. Waffle said...

Lol, wow

Color.Is.Best said...


kitty<3 said...

yup, wow