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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


WHY MUST I GET 83% in PIANO EXAM....!?!??! Nuuuuuuuu....teacher.....will...."lecture."
Not fun. Not fun at all. I'm slowly getting lower and lower marks....

Gr 5 - 92
Gr 7 - 91
Gr 8 - 88
Gr 9 - 83

I suck.


Anonymous said...

You don't suck! You're awesome!!

Color.Is.Best said...

Who cares about what your teachers think. And anyways to get like 100 then you would have to be about as good as Beethoven, so dont feel bad, dont feel bad at all, cus you are awsome, If you sucked then they wouldnt send you to Europe. So HA you dont suck. :D :D
You awsome. :D :D

CraziiAlien said...

Thanks ^^ but still...83 isn't very good... -_-