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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quizzy #4 [contest]

Ooookay, so this quiz is a contest:


1. This is a voting contest for whoever has the most creative answers
2. Just cause I said it was a creative answer quizzy contest doesn't give you the right to type a bunch of random -PBBT!!- all over the place, k?
3. Don't make up anything just cause you wanna win. I hate cheaters and I'm pretty sure no one would appreciate it.
4. On or before Feb 7, everyone who wants to vote can comment and say anyone of the people that replied to the quizzy. If you don't want people to see who you voted for, too bad - don't vote.

1. What is your favourite colour and why?
2. What is your favourite animal and why?
3. What is your favourite shirt or whatever [pants, sweater, scarf, etc] and why?
4. What is your favourite nickname that someone has given you and --- ya guessed it, why?
5. Why did you even bother doing this test?


CraziiAlien said...

If you win you get...a free...drawing...yup, I'll draw something and give/mail it to you or something if you win ^^
I can't draw that well...but oh well.
Maybe I shouldn't have said that...

CraziiAlien said...

It will be a collage type drawing of little creature things

Color.Is.Best said...

1)I like the color of color cus its colorful.
2)Dodo birds cus they are good swimmers.
3)Socks. Cus they keep my finger tips warm
4)I dunno, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno. Good enough answer??
5)I did this quizzy because I love doing quizzys that take up valuable time that I could be useing to bring my grads up,or get something else productive done and even though they are getting really annoying and the questions are repetitive, I still love doing these quizzys.

[If Im the only entry then do I win the drawing from CraziiAlien??]

CraziiAlien said...

I ain't a contest anymore cause no one got it -_-
But I'll draw you something anyways if you want :)

Color.Is.Best said...

That would be very much kindly of you, and umm....YAY!!

Can someone else complete this quizzy too??
....My answers are lonly....

kitty<3 said...

you're the only entrier!!!!!!!!!!

Im too late for this quizy, its the 8th

Color.Is.Best said...

Kitty, you can still do it!!!!!
There is no time limit on answering quizzys.
...My answers are still lonly...

CraziiAlien said...

Ppl can still answer :)

CraziiAlien said...

Answer for the sake of answering!

kitty<3 said...

1. voting contest, ok
2. no random pbbt!!, ok
3. no making up anything, cloudii hates liars, ok
4.feb (lol), ok
5. cant vote for me self, ok

1. I like aqua because it's warm and cool at the same time. It's also a light shaded mix of my two second favourite colous; green and blue.
2.I like dolphins because they have been known to save people's lives, they can swim soooooooo fast and they are so cool and smooth to feel!
3.Actually I just wear anything comfortable, not ugly, and still kinda 'ok'.
4. "go er" that's what my grandma called me when I was three. :)
5. "For the sake of answering"

kitty<3 said...

color's answer isn't lonely anymore!

kitty<3 said...

cloudii, maybe next time you should give people more time to do your 'contest's. There might be better results....

K. Waffle said...

1. Aqua because I just do, i dont know why
2. Dog because I have a pet dog
3. My purple shirt, because I like it (just like question 1)
4. I dont know
5. Because you asked, and its fun

Rikitiki said...

Boo! I'm too late!


1. My favourite colour is forest green because, umm, it's nice? Okay, in my former life I lived in a forest. No, can't lie. It's just nice and soothing guess.
2. My favourite animal is the leopard cause it's beautful and strong and I like big cats.
3. My socks with the bunny ears!!!!
4. I don't have no nicknames...
5. Because it's fun!!