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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quizzy #3

Nothing better to doooooooooo...well math homework, but that can wait.

1. Should CraziiAlien stop making quizzes and get a life?
-Yeah, CraziiAlien seriously needs a life.
-Of course not! These quizzes are amusing.
-Yes, I don't have time!!!
-Nuuu....I can find out about other people this way.
-Go to the opposite of heaven, CraziiAlien

2. You listen to music:
-when I have time
-rarely ever
-Pfft, music? Yeah riiight.
-Not exactly on my list of things to do.

3. You would rather ______ than get pregnant when you are only 17:
-get drunk
-be a teacher's pet
-get kicked out of class for swearing
-pick your nose in front of 25 classmates [and they can all plainly see]
-lose your best friend

4. You'd really hate to be called: [you can pick max. 2]
-a weakling

5. After school you usually:
-go straight home...I have homework!!!
-go straight home...there's nothing else to do
-hang out at friends' house...DURH
-walk with friends for a little while then go back home
-other [specify]

6. If I died, you would:
-cry for a little while
-wonder what happened and how I died
-dance around madly, shouting, "WOOT!"
-not care
-other [specify]

7. Your best subject is usually:
-Phys. Ed
-other [specify]


K. Waffle said...

Im going to put my answers under a, b, c, etc.

1. b
2. a
3. Grr...this one is hard... sadly, probably b...its better than the other ones though
4. d
5. b and d
6. e, probably faint, then cry
7. e, music, but its REALLY easy, so thats probably why

CraziiAlien said...

Waffle: LAZY BUM


Oh and people for #4 you can pick 2 if you want

K. Waffle said...


K. Waffle said...

For 4, my other answer would be b (superficial)

CraziiAlien said...


I dunno xD

Rikitiki said...

Using Waffle's method (a, b, c,)

1. e JUST KIDDING really, b
2. b
3. b or c
4. b
5. b
6. e: cry, cry, CRY
7. a

Wow, I have a lot of b's

CraziiAlien said...

Cry cry cry and faint then cry?


Color.Is.Best said...

1.Of course not! These quizzes are amusing.
3.Get kicked out of class for swearing.
4.Weakling or Boring. [Even though I am both of those, it hurts to have other people confirm it]
5.Either hang out at friends house of walk with friends for a little bit,there isnt really one that I do more than the other.
6.I would cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry ect...
7.English academicly but otherwise Im great in Home ec.

I was the only one to not be lazy!!
WOOT!! [Haha, stole your word.]

kitty<3 said...

im sorry, i love your quizezs but im too lazt to answer...

CraziiAlien said...

YAY! Jennfur isn't lazy x)
It's everyone's word lol