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Monday, February 16, 2009


Nobody is posting,

We all have Poster's Block.

Im breaking the trend!!

Of not posting

Which is good,

But Im hoping that you ALL follow by example and start posting.

Cus Im getting tired of looking at the same old posts every day that I go on blogger,

No offence to you people who posted those last few blogs,

But really, the last post posted was on FEBUARY 12!!!!

Thats a long time,

Which has made me sure that we all suffer from something called "Poster's Block"

Symptoms are : Not posting for long-ish time frames.

thats it.

I hope we recover soon though.


Im healed!!

Not only am I healed but Im the first of us to recover from Posters Block!!!


I give my best wishes in you all getting better and finaly recovering from this awful illness.

Hope to see you all posting soon!!


K. Waffle said...

Sadly, I have suffered from poster's block for a LONG time... I'll hopefully recover soon. I don't know though...I used proper punctuation and capital letters for once...YAY!

K. Waffle said...

Sorry, that was sorta a stupid post...:P

Color.Is.Best said...

That was not a post, it was a comment.

And was not stupid, even if it was though, we wouldnt care. :D

I give you my best wishes on recovery!!!

K. Waffle said...

I know...but its better than nothing! :D...I can't think of anything to post though