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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I watched Sophie's Choice a couple of days ago and it is one of the best freaking movies I have's so sad but awesome at the same time. It's a really old movie xD Made in 1982 but still awesomely cool.

I'm going to HONG KONG in the summer!!! WOOOOOOOOT!!!


ME said...

Cool!Have fun, "Cloudii"

Color.Is.Best said...

Sophie's Choice??
Whats it about?? Maybe I will watch it...

I know you are going to Hong Kong!!
That's going to be so much fun!!
Btw, same thing goes for you as it did for "Kitty" when she went to Cuba, YOU HAVE TO POST ABOUT IT WHEN YOU GET BACK!!
Although you aren't going until the summer, I wanted to make that point clear.

[Cloudii] said...

Color.Is.Best : Look here -

Meryl Streep is awesome in it...she's American but does a Polish accent and speaks German for the saddest scene in the film...

Thanks "Me"!!
And yes, I'll post about it when I get back xD