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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wooow, I have no life.
I should be doing my science and french projects.
But this is addicting.
I don't know why, but making quizzes and seeing people's answers is fun.

1. Are you afraid of any animals? If you are, what are they?

2. Do you have nickname[s]? If so, what are they?

3. What's one of your favourite songs that you could listen to 2 hours straight?

4. Which would you choose:
-Adventure fiction novels
-Animal fiction novels
-Romantic comedy fiction novels
-Historical fiction novels
-comics/cartoons [Garfield, Peanuts, etc]
-'girlie' manga [Fruit Basket, Sakura, etc]
-shojou [at least I THINK you spell it like that XD] manga [Bleach, Naruto, etc]
-other [specify!]
-I hate reading

5. You eat breakfast:
-most of the time
-once in a while
-NEVER and you never will

6. Of the stuffed animals you have [presuming you have at least 2], which is your favourite[s...up to 3!], and why?

-back to work and need a life-


Color.Is.Best said...

Lol, Yay another quiz!! Only this time its a "quizzy" which is the word you stole from Mr.Danani!! Thats what he calls your science quizzes, QUIZZY [I only know this because he used to be my teacher, before the school switched up my timetable in October.]

1)I am afraid of Ostriches BIG time. They are extremely creepy.

2)Yes, I have a few actually: Jenn, Jenny, Jenn-tree, Jen-Jen, Jenny-fur-tree, J, Fur-tree,Juniper Jennifer,[Cloudii called me this today :Jennifer the Quiet, Non-violent Carp. (Carp as in the FISH), What the heck, you think Im a fish??]

3)Well first of all, I have listened to a few song repetitively for two hours of maybe even longer than that, those would be : Mostly any song I have on my Ipod. Lol

4)I like historical fiction [sounds nerd-ish but I like it anyways.] or Non fiction, like teen drama-ish sorta stuff is pretty cool,[Example of what Im thinking of when I say that : Cathy Hopkins.]

5)once in awhile, on weekends only if I wake up before noon, if I wake up after noon then I eat a more lunch-ish thing. And never during the week unless I have time, which is rare.

6)I like this question. Umm my favorites would have to be : a bunny I got from my grandma when I was 1-2 years old, its white [faded color cus its old-ish] and another one of my favorite would have to be : a bunny I got from my dad 2 years ago, and the third would be HAMTARO!! [ the orange/white hamster and he is kinda square-ish shaped] Lol

[Cloudii] said...

You are afraid of ostriches? Hehe, that's kinda funny xD I find them extremely amusing and funny to watch :D

I called you a CARP because you are gentle and quiet and not violent! Fish aren't violent, they are quiet, and gentle and they won't try to kill you! -cough-li-anne-cough-

Anyways, this is me:

1. Piranhas and cockroaches scare the crap outta me.

2. Yup: Nat, Nat-lie, Natski [WTF?! WEIRD xD], Momo [in Chinese], "Cat"alie [according to my younger cousins, Jung Li and Milicent and Xia Ling]

3. Probably from the musicals I love: Moulin Rouge!, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia!, and this is not a musical: Emmy Rossum [singer]

-Point of No Return
-The Phantom of the Opera

Moulin Rouge!:
-Come What May
-Sparkling Diamonds
-Elephant Love Medley

Mamma Mia!:
-Lay All Your Love On Me
-Thank You For The Music
-The Winner Takes It All

Emmy Rossum:

4. I like fiction books by:
Cathy Hopkins, Erin Hunter, David Clement-Davies, and Virginia Woolf [whose books I actually understand!]
I like non-fiction about WWII, especially the Holocaust, also music and cats [I know, I'm dorky]

5. I say once every...4-6 days, I think :P

6. I loooove this little piggy I got from my mom for my 9th birthday. The top of her head STILL smells like strawberries! And I named her MungMung <3
My other favourite is a yellow and white raccoon pillow type thing I got from my mom's friend and I named her Poof the Sunshine Raccoon [Poof for short]
They both are on my bed right now :D

Anonymous said...

1. Mostly any animal that's dangerous.

2. Kalah, Jayla (the "Mermaid" made it up), Waffle, The Scary Curly Haired Giraffe, and alot more, but sadly, I can't think right now.

3. Basically anything but rock.

4. I like realistic fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy.

5. Most of the time

6. My "Kayla bear", which is really old, but I've had it a LONG time, a fuzzy dolphin I got from my uncle a year or 2 ago, and a cat that I got when I was 7, but i lost it a year technically I don't have it...but I did.

Color.Is.Best said...

I would just like to correct one of my answers : #4 I do not like non-fiction, I got confussed as to what was fiction and non-fiction SORRY. I meant to say : Fiction.

Sorry for confusion.