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Friday, January 30, 2009

Quizzy #2

Once again, I need a life.
Oookay, only ONE answer per question. No matter HOW much you want to put more than one, too bad - JUST ONE ANSWER PER QUESTION.

Mouse. What is your favourite colour?
Kangaroo. Out of these books which one would you most likely pick off the shelf to read just based on the title:
-White Lies and Barefaced Truths
-Last Summer
-Angels in the Snow
-Merchant of Venice
-Three Black Skirts
Antelope. What girl name do you like best?
Hippo. What boy name do you like best?
Cougar. What do you write with the most:
-blue pen
-black pen
-fine liner
-pencil crayons
-red pen
-other [specify]
Fish. What kind of shoes do you like best [boots, sneakers, etc]?
Koala. If you could wish for anything [EXCEPT for more wishes!], what would you wish for?
White tailed deer. What do you feel like eating right now [remember, only one thing!]?
Turtle. What is your favourite song right now?
Snake. Pick the one you would probably wear:
-pale pink 3 quarter sleeve shirt, cream coloured skirt [to the knees], any coloured flats
-canary yellow floaty shirt with half length sleeves, light blue jeans, 'pointy' boots
-bright red long sleeved shirt, dark jeans, black sneakers
-royal blue tank top, gray sweatpants, white sneakers
-emerald green blouse type thing, black pants, any coloured flats
-dark purple t-shirt, jeans, black Ugg type boots
Raccoon. What would you name a pet squirrel?

I am aware I put animals instead of numbers. No need to tell me I'm weird, k? Lol, jk.


Anonymous said...

Mouse. Aqua
Kangaroo. Umm, probably Angels in the Snow
Antelope. Marci
Hippo. David
Cougar. pencil
Fish. It depends what I'm wearing, but usually sneakers
Koala. For poverty to end
White tailed deer. Yogurt
Turtle. You guys proabably don't know any of my favourite songs
Snake. probably dark purple t-shirt, jeans, black Ugg type boots only a long-sleeved shirt
Racoon. I never thought about what i would name a squirrel...uhh, Chipmunk!:P

[Cloudii] said...

Mouse. Teal
Kangaroo. White Lies and Barefaced Truths
Antelope. Carol
Hippo. Felix
Cougar. Blue pen
Fish. Sneakers, but not the extremely 'holey' kind where your feet get wet all the time because of all the holes for 'breathing'
Koala. For all the bad guys to die.
White-tailed deer. Watermelon
Turtle. For right NOW, I think Come What May
Snake. royal blue tank top, gray sweatpants, white sneakers
Raccoon. Ziddy

Color.Is.Best said...

Mouse.right now, I like orange.
Kangaroo.Merchant of Venice, isnt that a Shakespeare thing?? Hey, I have the book white lies and barefaced truths at home. Cloudii would you like to borrow it??
Cougar.Black pen
Koala.I would wish for No more wars.
White tailed deer.Right now I feel like eatting a hamster treat.
Turtle.Time well wasted, by Brad Paisley.
Snake.dark purple t-shirt, jeans, black Ugg type boots
Raccoon.Spazzy.Spazzy the Squirel. [that is not two answers, that is only one]