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Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Spirit

It reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally sucked for me this New Year. While everybody ( my parents, one of their friends and her two children) else was watching some random thing that's kind of like a movie and kind of like a t.v show, (It has about a trillion episodes and HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH NEW YEAR) I was making New Year 'posters' to stick all over the apartment to get SOME excitement into those couch potatoes.
I stuck one on the hallway mirror "Put a smile on for 2009!", I stuck one right over the t.v "Get into the New Year spirit!", I stuck one on the outside of our apartment door "Happy New Year!", I even stuck one on the inside of our washroom door so whoever was sitting on the toilet would be able to read it "2008 => 2009 It's a time to celebrate!". But it didn't get any have any effect on those lazy heads.
I realised what I had to do. I had to make more posters, in Chinese.
So I made five more Chinese posters and stuck them everywhere visible. Finally!!!!!!! I got some reactions from my parents. "Amy, you wrote that character wrong." Wrong reaction, but a reaction none the less.
We didn't even watch the New Year Chinese show we usually watch, it had hilarious plays, performances done by kids and adults, and of course, a count down at the end. I surfed all the channels we had ( we only have from channel 2 to about 29 and then 90, 91... it's horrible! ) but I found nothing interesting to watch.
I forgot that we could go outside and scream and yell and bang pots and pans, that would have spiced up my New Year a bit.
Oh well, there's always 2010!


Color.Is.Best said...

Amy, maybe your parents are blind.
But at least you can not say that you didnt try :)
I hope you will have a better new years eve next year, And remember to scream and bang pots and pans together!!

kitty<3 said...


Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

hmmm... good the with the chinese posters you probably be better than me in writing it . all i could write would be ... hang on a sec ! i couldn't write anything!!!! oh well i suck !!!!

[Cloudii] said...

Actually dont bang pots and pans, bang spoons and coffee tins... :D

They should have noticed at least you made an 'effort' [something that every single elementary teaher bugs you about]