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Friday, January 2, 2009

i love TV speacials !!

aww... come on nat t v specials are exiting AND THE SILVER BALL DROPPING IS NOT STUPID!
you can't bring a giant siler ball in your living room and drop it !!!


Color.Is.Best said...

Well, If other people are like me then they watch the silver ball drop because there are ALSO musical preformances!! Which are completely awesome!! AND Ryan is the host[he also hosts American Idol] and when he is hosting something then it is almost always entertaining. Well at least he was hosting the channel that I watched it on...So was Fergi, She is pretty cool,too,although I dont like some of her music, once she went solo her songs seemed to get better,she used to be in the singing group the Black Eyed Peas, I really didnt like them, but Fergi[while going solo] is really good, I think at least

Color.Is.Best said...

Wow, Im sorry that last comment I posted got really off topic, But I think I got my point through...