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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How often do you...?

How often do you:

1. ...change your socks?
2. ...brush your teeth?
3. ...take a shower?
4. ...go online?
5. ...beat up someone?
6. ...sing?
7. bananas?
8. ...laugh your head off?


[Cloudii] said...

Well this is me...

How often do you:

1. ...change your socks? Every day, if they are wet, more often
2. ...brush your teeth? twice a day
3. ...take a shower? everyday~!
4. ...go online? depends if I am busy
5. ...beat up someone? Hopefully not THAT often...
6. ...sing? Everyday
7. bananas? ...Weird question, xD At least once a week
8. ...laugh your head off? WOOT!! Everyday!!!

Color.Is.Best said...

My answers to the "how often do you??" quiz :

1.Everyday but if I get bored and want to wear a different pair of socks then I would change them more often and also the same reason as Cloudii :if they are wet, then yeah more often, And also if I borrow socks then I have to change socks alot more often.

2.Twice a day also.

3.Every morning, sometimes even at night too, so once a day mostly but sometimes two, three times aday.

4.Almost everyday, but if the computers are busy or I fall asleep after school then not everyday.

5.Never, if anything, Im the one getting beaten up [Cloudii to blame for it.] But not often and not beaten hard [only the occasional bite on the arm]

6.Sing?? your kidding right?? I cant sing so why would I??

7. I dont eat banana's anymore since my mom started buying organic banana's and organic banana's taste weird so I dont eat banana's at all anymore sadly...

8.I dunno, I guess I laugh but my head never falls off...

Good quiz Cloudii!!

kitty<3 said...

1. once every second
2. 760 times a year
3. twice every chicken squawk
4. a gazillion times in my life
5. once for every gwakamolly
6. forever and always
7. whenever their's a banana in sight
8. whenever i feel like it aka always

ME said...

1. Once, sometimes twice a day
2. Twice a day
3. Everyday
4. Changes
5. Never
6. Random times, and every sunday, tuesday, and thursday for sure
7. I dont like bananas
8. Whenever something funny in my opinion happens