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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have sooooo much homework. 
It isn't fair.
Within the next two weeks I have:
A math project due [I just had a stinking test two days ago!! Give me a break!!]
A socials project due
A "health" project due
An art project due
A math mid-year exam [a test on everything we learned through the year so far. EVERYTHING!!]
A science mid-year exam [same deal as the math mid-year exam!!]
And something to do with french [my french teacher is to stupid to actually tell us what we are doing for end of term.]
AND end of the semester!! [transfer from art to drama, from home ec. to tech ed.]

Thats pretty much everything I know about right now. I hope there isnt more to come. if there is, I think I will die, or just fall asleep in class from lack of sleep. the past two days I have gotten about 4 hours of sleep. And thats just sad.



[Cloudii] said...

Except for different tests and hw obviously cause we have different classes. Midterms same, health project same, and switches are opposite [tech ed to home ec, etc]

ME said...

I have basically no homework...sorry...except my speech :(