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Sunday, December 14, 2008


So glad I got new shoes cause mine have holes in the front and everytime it rains, my feet get soaked. Yeah, reeeal fun. NOT.
My friend in Toronto mailed me shoes for Christmas [I think she asked my MOM for the size or something haha] and I luff them!!



Color.Is.Best said...

I wanna see your shoes!! Yeah, its good your toronto friend got you shoes cus walking around all day with wet feet aint really the most comfortable thing for school, or anytime really.

Color.Is.Best said...

Velcro?? Wow, what a time saver :)

[Cloudii] said...

They actually look pretty nice...even if they are Velcro :D

kitty<3 said...

oooooo! velcro!!!!!!!!
what are you? a hill-billy? wearing your shoes until they get holes at the front!!!

[Cloudii] said...

Nuuu, I'm not a hillbilly!!
I just never had time to go and buy new shoes....and I run in those shoes alot...