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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Break is almost over!

Did everyone have at least a LITTLE bit of fun over Winter Break? <---Yes, actually I did, surprisingly.

What kind of things did you do? <---I went to Squamish to visit my aunt and 2 cousins, watched 3 new [well to me, anyways] movies:

Princess Diaries [Julie Andrews/Anne Hathaway] - It was SO COOL [even with the word 'princess' in the title xD] and I would watch it again, but I want to watch the sequel!
Made of Honour [Patrick Dempsey] - Okay, not bad, but I don't think I would watch it again.
Mamma Mia! [Meryl Streep/Amanda Seyfried/Pierce Brosnan] - SQUEEE!! I love it! And the actors used their own voices for the vocals.

I also went online, read 5 books, practiced for my upcoming piano exam D:<, etc...

What kind of presents did you get for Christmas? <---I got 2 Beanie Babies [my 9 yr old cousin gave them to me :P], a sweater [that's the right size!!] from my aunt, 365 page Happy Bunny calendar from my mom, keychain, and a couple other things from other people.

Do you still like the snow? <---I'm starting to get sick of it cause my mom and me were literally trapped in the house for 4 days [no car, snow up to or above my knees, and buses and SkyTrain were not working, well the buses wouldn't come up to the Forest Grove area because it was 'dangerous'.]

Do you want to go back to school? <---Yup, then I actually have something to DO, and I get to see people again :D


kitty<3 said...

hmm... busy eh?

Color.Is.Best said...

I had fun, not the best time of my life but it wasnt awful.
I watched some movies too : Kung Fu Panda - kinda retarded and a thin story line and actually I hated the movie for alot of reasons but Jack Black was really good.
And I also watch The Sound of Music - Really good movie, Loved it for almost every reason!!
And thats it for movies...

I HATE THE SNOW!! [that includes:snow/slush/snowy-rain/ect...]

Nope, I do NOT want to go back to school!! - for a few reasons : More homework :(
Have to see scarey teachers again:(
Wake up early again :(
Less time for anything else:(
The only other holiday we will have for a long time is easter/spring break :(
And ect...
But I do want to see people again,:)

Color.Is.Best said...

But Wow, You did do alot during winter break...