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Monday, December 15, 2008



This is Jenn and Nat. We are at JENN'S house but on NAT'S account.

Now this is Jenn and Nat talking/speaking/typing/or whatever you picky people want to call it [LOOK FOR COLOURS, DUMMIES!!]:

Jenn: Nat made a mess at my house, cus she wanted to use the vacuum, I tell you , it is weird, no wait, thought of a better word : MENTAL for someone to LIKE VACUUMING !!!

NAT: Heyy!! I ACCIDENTALLY killed that little squishy toy with the flour inside it...not on PURPOSE!!

Jenn: But "coincidentally" we were talking about how she wasnt allowed to break ANOTHER one of those squishy toy things

NAT: That was a REAL coincidence!!! Pure accident.

Jenn: Suuuuure...

NAT: Fine, don't believe but Santa hates you forever.

Jenn: We should really get her a dust buster or something for her next birthday, cus you should have seen the look on her face : KID IN A CANDY STORE!!

NAT: Something like that, but I tried to wrestle the vacuum away from her when she wouldn't let me keep vacuuming stuff!! And I was spazzing like, all over the place. xD

Jenn: That is true, but I only made her stop cus I thought she would go on a rampage and take over New York City!!!


NAT [and her friend, Santa]
and JENN!!!


kitty<3 said...

nat you vacuum freak!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

[Cloudii] said...

Thanks :D:D:D xD

Color.Is.Best said...

This blog entry by Nat and I probably moved like 5 other blogs off the front page just to make room for it cus it is so LONG!! Sorry people whos blog entries got kicked off!!

Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

hey, i like vacuuming too !!!!

Color.Is.Best said...