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Monday, December 8, 2008

Stuff Going On In My Life

-shrug- Stuff going on in my life you guys might like to know?

1. I have a stupid Science Fair project to do
2. Winter Concert on Dec 10 [I'm in the choir]
4. I love my English and Socials teachers ^^
5. My dad moved again

6. Izzy is all better again [I'm pretty sure]
7. VERA GOT GMAIL!! I'm not sure if she goes on it a lot, but it is: [Very original name, huh?]
8. Basketball is hard. Help me.
9. WE'RE DOING SQUARE DANCING IN PHYS. ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's actually not THAT bad, but we have to dance with Gr 8, 9, and 10 guys. >.>
10. Hi.

Here's a poem I wrote: [for Eng. class]

The Arrival of Winter

A snowflake,

gently swirling down from,

the bleak gray sky,

cold as the raven’s heart.


are delicately tapped from a distance,

sounding like,

the whimpers of an abandoned baby.

Leafless frost covered trees,

with branches

thin as spaghetti,

are claws,

waiting to seize

an unsuspecting victim.

In the eerie stillness,

Winter arrives.