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Thursday, December 11, 2008

pickeles and peoples

yes . yes i know my spelling is bad . so first off i want to say i read amy's email fully . And i have come to this conculsion . I am not a pickle, carrot or any other food product you want to name me as unless it's lagsana !! and secondly , Who are you people ???? all I know is nat and amy's name !!!!!i don't know who everyone else is!!!! btw the if you haven't figured out who i am i'll give you one hint ( and you would either be a complete idoit not to know me after this clue or completely not know me and think i am an alien from another dimension)



Color.Is.Best said...

Lol, I know who you are!! And I knew just after reading your first post,Do you know who I am?? everyone else does, here is my hint: look at the list of contacts you have on your gmail contact list, you will see an e-mail that is SIMILAR to my display name, which should tell you exactly who I am , unless your feeling stupid and dont understand. Anyway, to help you ,I will tell you who everyone is behind the code names. But not in this comment, I will e-mail you. :)

[Cloudii] said...

Jeezers, HYPER x 3!!!
I will give you the pickles' names but in just any random order:

and of course you

It's just first names people, don't kill me!

Color.Is.Best said...

I already e-mailed her everyones 'codenames' and their real names matched up so Hyperx3 you should know by now cus cloudii has told you and so have I but again Im going to say, it should have been OBVIOUS to START WITH!!

[Cloudii] said... actually wouldn't be THAT obvious cause there could also be: