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Monday, December 29, 2008

Phobia-ology Update #1

Didaskaleinphobia ~ fear of going to school

Euphobia ~ fear of hearing good news

Hippopotomonstrosisquippedaliophobia ~ fear of long words

I did NOT make these up!


Color.Is.Best said...


If you didnt make these up then how in the world would you have learned that?!
Hippopotomonstrosisquippedaliophobia [the fear of long words] is an OXYMORON!! Cus that is the LONGEST word I think I have ever seen...Who has a fear of long words anyway?! lol that would be funny if he went to the doctor and got told he had "Hippopotomonstrosisquippedaliophobia" and went into shock or something cus he was scared of long words, and the name of it is SO LONG...

[Cloudii] said...

I love that AWESOME.

Hippopotomonstrosisquippedaliophobia. Love, love, love.

kitty<3 said...

I did not make them up, but I'm not telling you where I got them from. ( actually, it's kind of obvious ) I want the glory to me, myself, and I. ;)