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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy X-Mas!!

Today is X-mas eve!! Are all you pickles exited?? What are you hoping to get from Santa under the tree tomorrow morning??
[Cloudii might not get anything this year because she has been spreading rumors about Santa, telling children that Santa hates them, so now Santa put you on the naughty list Cloudii, Haha, Jk]
Anyway, is everyone enjoying the snow?? [Amy, is there snow is Cuba??] Oh, and remember to leave cookies for Santa tonight, and oats for the reindeer in the driveway, and a light bulb for Rudolf in case his nose dies. Lol,
Happy X-mas!!
Merry New year!!
Have a Bargain Boxing day!!
And have a Great Winter Break!!



[Cloudii] said...

Sure, I'm excited for Xmas eve...
HEYYY!! I was nice, just not to Santa, or most of the world's little kids... >.<

WTH?? There's no SNOW in Cuba!!

Color.Is.Best said...

I didnt know that there was no snow in Cuba. Well as you might have found out, I AM NOT GOOD AT LOCATIONS!! I had to ask which direction ABBOTSFORD WAS!! [ie:north,south,east,west] Cus I dunno anything when it comes to LOCATIONS!! so dont give me a hard time...
And if you didnt notice I said "Jk" after I said you were on the naughty list, Which means just kidding.

[Cloudii] said...

I think I KNOW what jk means xD
It's called sarcasm.